Tamegroute Candles - By Cote Bougie (Mint Tea Fragrance)

Tamegroute is a small town in the south of Morocco close to the Sahara (its name means ‘last place before the desert’).  Ceramics have been created here for hundreds of years with a glaze containing manganese and copper – which gives the pottery its unique vibrant green colour. Or the glaze is altered to replace copper with iron oxide – resulting in a deep mustard colour. Each individual piece is entirely unique.

These wonderful candles encased in Tamegroute ceramics have been created by Cote Bougie in Marrakech using essential oils from Grasse, France. The Mint Tea fragrance evokes snatched idle moments drinking tea amid the frenetic scenes of a Moroccan medina.

Small: 9 cm high,  7 cm diameter. Burn time 40 hours

Medium: 10 cm high,  12 cm diameter. Burn time 80 hours

Large: 15 cm high,  15 cm diameter. Burn time 180 hours