At the beginning of our story

Tribal Gallery was first inspired by the incredible work of the master-craftsmen of North Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The artisans of the tribal regions of these incredible countries have created some of the finest furniture in the Islamic world. From the Himalayan regions of Kohistan, through the Swat Valley to the plains of Punjab, these skilled craftsmen have produced exquisitely created pieces for hundreds of years.

The skills to create this timeless furniture has been passed down from father to son for generations, although have now become quite rare. Carved in cypress wood or painted in rich colours, each piece is uniquely created and an expression of exceptional artisanship.

Soulful creations from generations of women

Perhaps the most rewarding part of what we do at Tribal Gallery is being able to support some of the exceptionally talented women artists and artisans across Asia and Asia.

In the world of art for example, we have been excited to work with incredible photographers like Mariantonietta Peru whose travels and adventures across the African continent are captured in astonishing images exploring the relationships between communities and nature.

Outside of the art world, we continue to explore and curate the works of women artisans -like those in Morocco who painstakingly create fabulous handwoven carpets using techniques, designs and symbols that stretch back hundreds of years through Arab and Berber culture.

A continuous journey of discovery

Tribal Gallery's collections are a celebration of the exceptional handmade treasures that we curate - working with artisans across Africa and Asia.

Morocco for instance is a country where things are still made painstakingly by hand. Take a walk through the medina in Fez and you’ll find metalworkers shaping brass tables and piecing together pendant lights from hundreds of carefully hammered and engraved pieces. Walk on a little further and you’ll chance upon a workshop where walnut and olive woods are being carved carefully into Koran holders or jewel boxes. And as you continue on you will find yourself mesmerized by the skill of these men and women, past and present creating their stories in metal or ceramic, wool or silk, glass or wood.

While traditional techniques continue, new ideas and approaches are continuously appearing on the Moroccan artisanal scene. Take ‘Sisi Maroc’ for instance, producing cushions and wall-hangings combining old monochrome photographs with modern fabrics and screen-printing. Or the fabulously scented handmade candle ranges that ‘Cote Bougie’ produces in Marrakech often collaborating with local artists and artisans.

Outside of Morocco, we continue to explore the most exquisite and exciting artisanal products - fabrics from Thailand and Laos, hardwood chests from India, Pakistan and Afghanistan and the imaginative hand-crafted textiles and sculptures created across the length and breadth of the African continent.