Dhow Bed - 'Malindi'

Country of Origin: Kenya


Material: Reclaimed hardwoods (teak, camphor and mangrove)

Description: Gorgeous dhow bed created from up cycled hardwoods and incorporating a blue and white ‘mardidadi’ section; a decorative piece that would have ran along the ship toward the prow. The frame has been given a Swahili style whitewash (also available in natural) finish and accommodates a king size mattress.

Age & Overall Condition: Hardwoods reclaimed from 40 years old dhow ship, each piece individually treated by Tribal Gallery carpenters in Kenya. Each piece of wood carries traces of its past life as a working ship – holes in the wood where there were once nails for example. The wood has been lovingly transformed by hand and will be enjoyed for decades.

This piece is also available made-to-order in Swahili whitewash style or natural finish, with a 4 week lead time.

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