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Tribal Gallery showcases the works of artists from Kenya and across Africa. The events are wonderful occasions, bringing together artists, artisans and friends old and new. 

Events and exhibitions run several times throughout the year, where we celebrate and enjoy the work of individual artists and some of the cultures and movements that have inspired the Tribal Gallery collection. Each one is carefully curated and each presented in a unique way – an appreciation and celebration of culture, art and craftsmanship and part theatre.

Recent events at Tribal Gallery in Nairobi have included Rashid Diab – whose stunning, vibrantly coloured impressionist works are inspired by his Sudanese heritage, and Mariantonietta Peru – whose magical photographs emphasising the crucial relationship between humanity and nature are captured during her travels across Africa.

Other events have included Eltayeb Dawelbait’s inspired portraits – conveying a profound depth of emotion belying the simple strokes of the artist, and Fitsum Berhe’s exquisite yet intense, bold works. 

Themed dinner events are wonderful evenings – where food, music and a celebration of culture and artisanal skills combine in magical ways.